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We stock a large variety of both brass, and cardboard stencil sets. Ranging in size from 1/2" up to 12", we are sure to have the stock stencil you need, when you need it.

For when a stock stencil will not do the job, we offer custom stencil manufacturing in either mylar (plastic) or oilboard materials. Available in a range of sizes from 1/4" up to a maximum character size of 24".
Brass Stencils (Click here for current pricing)
Paint directly onto the Brass Stencil, or use it to chalk the
area that is to be painted. These Brass Stencils interlock
and are made of a  35  gauge Brass (approx.).  Although
they do have some flexibility, they are best to be used on
a flat surface. If these are cared for properly, they should
last for years. Clean with a light solvent before storing.

  Cardboard Stencils (Click here for current pricing)
Re-Usable, for light duty use.
There are a few sizes left in stock, but once gone we will
not  be  able  to  get  any more of them. We are currently
sourcing  out  a  new  supplier of light  duty Stencils. Use
these  Cardboard Stencils for tracing if you want them to
last. They are good for only a few uses if using paint.

Custom Stencils (Click here for current pricing)
Made on Mylar or Oilboard Material. The Mylar material will
last for hundreds of uses if cared for properly, and can be
cleaned up before storage with a light solvent. The oilboard
material is treated with Linseed Oil, and can be used a few
times, although it is not anywhere near as durable as the
Mylar. It can also be cleaned using a light solvent. We can
also make some Logos into a Custom Stencil.
  Stencil Supplies Coming Soon!
For best results on your stenciling project, it is recommended
to  use a quick drying stencil ink.  Available in multiple colours
in a Spray Can, or Liquid form which is poured onto a Stencil
Pad, and then applied with a Roller Unit.