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About Us

From it's inception, we realized that the two things customers want most when ordering an item, were Quality and Service. Throughout the years, we have strived to provide both of these to our customers. Which is why we carry that wording on our company logo.

1953 - Alberta Stamp & Marking was established.   1958 - Purchased by Richard Miller,
the business was located on the North side
of Whyte Avenue, between 104 and 105th Street.
  1960 - Ernie Miller joins Alberta Stamp & Marking to work with his brother Richard Miller.
1964 - Arthur Miller joins Alberta Stamp & Marking to work with his brothers Ernie & Richard Miller. (The 3 Brothers successfully run the company for many years.   1967 - Alberta Stamp & Marking
becomes incorporated, with the full name
being, Alberta Stamp & Marking Co. Ltd.
We hada very busy year, as we purchased
and moved into our current location. Arthur
Miller sustained life threatening injuries in
a motor vehicle accident, and spent most
of the year in and out of the hospital.
  1981 - Arthur Miller and his wife, Barbara Miller, buy Ernie & Richard Millers' shares in the company. The going is tough almost immediatly when the recession hits in the summer of '81, and the first couple of years are a struggle. But many late nights and long hours finally pay off.
1991 - Arthur & Barbara Miller sell the shares of the company to 3 of their sons, Rick, Les, & Don Miller. Arthur enjoys riding his bicycle in his retirement (Approx. 12,000 miles a year for the first few years), while Barbara enjoys doing her arts and crafts including her "Tin Can Creations."   2004 - Rick Miller becomes a silent
shareholder when he leaves the company to
become a elected Member of the Legislative
Assembly of Alberta.
  2007 - A staff picture of Alberta Stamp & Marking Co. Ltd. Left to right is Joycie, Heidi, Ty, Les, and Don.

- March 
Rick Miller was unsuccessful in seeking re-election in the Alberta Provincial Election. He was the MLA for the Rutherford riding in South Edmonton. Rick came back to help us out until he decides which path to follow in his continuing political career.

- March
Rick Miller has been hired for the position of Chief of Staff for the Alberta Liberal Party. We continue to wish Rick the best of luck in pursuing his political ambitions.
Rick Miller    July 23, 1960 - October 26, 2013
 2013 - October  
The Staff and Management of Alberta Stamp & Marking Co. Ltd. sorrowfully announce the death of Rick Miller. A former Manager, and a Silent Partner of Alberta Stamp, Rick was also a brother to 3 of the current staff members. He will be sadly missed by all of us. This picture is of Rick accepting a Long Time Member Award from the BBB on behalf of Alberta Stamp & Marking Co. Ltd.  


Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. I know that we still have a long ways to go to get this site where we want it to be, but we are working on it! If you have any comments or suggestions, I would be happy to hear about them! 
                                 Don Miller, Manager